Business Credit Cards, Finding the Best Card Offers for Startup Businesses

Using a business credit card to pay for the expenses of your small business allows you to separate your personal and business expenditure. Many startup business credit card offer cash back rewards so you will earn rewards while paying for your business cost. The following are four business credit cards for startup businesses.

1. Ink Business Cash Credit Card
Ink Business Cash Credit Card is a cash back business credit card that offers a bonus of $300 for customers that have spent a minimum of $3,000. The first $25,000 that you spent at selected office supply stores and on internet/TV/phone subscription will entitle you to a 5% cash back. Expenses in other categories like gas station and restaurant will also qualify you to earn a 2% cash back. Ink Business Cash Credit Card features a 12 months zero percentage introductory period on purchases and balance transfers. It has no annual fee and you can apply for employee cards for free.

2. Amex OPEN Business Green Rewards Card
Amex Open Business Green Rewards Card is a flexible business credit card for small businesses. It offers 5,0000 rewards points when you make the first purchase with your card. Every dollar that you spent will earn you 1x rewards points. The rewards points that you have accumulated can be used to redeem rewards from 500 brands in the form of a travel voucher, gift card or exchange of merchandise. The annual fee is free for the first year but you have to pay a $95 fee for the subsequent year. It does charge a foreign transaction fee if you use the card to shop overseas.

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3. Amex OPEN Business Gold Rewards Card

Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN is offering 3 x points on any category that you choose out of the 5 categories. Spending money on the remaining 4 categories will earn you 2x points. You can earn 3x and 2x rewards point on the first $100,000 that you have spent. Purchases that are not relevant to these categories will earn you 1x point. The card provides a 50,000 membership rewards points when you reach $5,000 threshold in your spending within 3 months. Annual fee is waived on the first year and a fee of $175 will be applied afterwards.

4. Capital One Spark Cash for Business

Capital One Spark Cash for Business offers $500 cash back bonus for the first $4,500 that you spent in a 3 months period. Everyday purchases will qualify you to earn 2% cash back. You can download your purchase history to a spreadsheet software such as Excel and Quicken for the purpose of keeping records. Foreign transaction fee is waived when you use the card to shop overseas. The card’s annual fee is lower than many other business credit card and is only $59. Annual fee is waived on the first year.