Check Out Some Popular Zero Percent Credit Cards Through 2015

A zero percent credit card is a great way to consolidate your debt or finance your immediate purchases. These rallow yourself some free time to pay down all your debt that were ruining your financial health for little or zero up front cost.

Many credit card companies offer zero percent introductory rates for signing up their product. Here you will learn all about credit cards, balance transfer fees and other finer details. Once you understand them, you can use them for your benefit. For best results, compare all features before applying. Note that, just because a card offers higher cash-back doesn’t necessarily make it the best option. Most companies offer zero percent APR for a time period convenient to customers like anywhere anywhere from 6 to 18 months or more. Depending on the offer, the interest rate will be applied to all purchases within that time-frame, balance transfers or both. With some cards, you can earn unlimited miles on every purchase valid every day until the end of the offer. You can earn up to 5 percent cash-back on selected purchases, credit the accumulated points towards paying credit card balance or simply credit it to an account of your choice.

best 2016 credit cards

Below are some of the most popular credit cards for 2016 with zero percent APR and balance credit cards on the market today.

Example Seven Slate

Example Seven Slate credit card offers a zero percent Intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for a period up to 15 months for the year 2016 and 2016. The good thing is, there is no balance transfer fee whatsoever in the first 2 months that you make the transfer. This card also comes with zero annual fee. The average credit score of consumers who were approved for this credit card was 730 with 661 being the lowest score according to a survey done by Credit Karma.

Example One-Double Cash Card

Example Onebank is offering this interesting option for new customers. The zero percent balance transfer period is for 15 months and contains a low fee of 3 percent or $5 for minimum balance transfer. But the unique feature of this card is its cash-back structure where you will get 1 percent cash-back on all purchase you made irrespective of the merchant. Additional 1 percent can be obtained when you pay off the balance.

U.S. Bank Visa Platinum

US Bank also has a zero percent APR or balance transfer credit card offering. With usual perks ranging from 15 month time-period for a $5 fee to significant cash-back, you can avail these features to meet your financial needs. Just remember that in order to take advantage of the zero percent transfer, you need to sign up for the offer within 30 days of opening the account.