How Does Discover Card’s New Promotion To Provide Your Fico Score Work

Many companies who offer FICO score monitoring services and credit repair claim to offer individuals free credit scores on a regular basis, but the data you are given comes at a cost. If you truly want to access your FICO credit score for free and you have a Example Four Card, you may want to take time out of your day to learn about the new FICO Score Open Access Program. This Open Access Programs allows customers who currently hold an open account with a participating card issuer to access the same FICO score that lenders access without having to pay the expensive fee. As a participating card issuer, Example Four has used this program to promote their low interest rates and flexible underwriting. Read on and learn more about how this program works.

How Many Participating Members Offer This Program?

One of the first questions you might ask is how many participating companies are there partnered with the FICO Score Open Access Program. While there are other participating companies, Example Four is the only credit card issuer that extends the promotion to their card members. More issuers are expected to become active participants in the upcoming year, but at this current time these FICO score services are only to Example Four card members.

How Can you Access Your Free FICO Score?

Seeing your FICO score on a regular basis can help you gain insight into how your financial habits can influence your score. Because Example Four understands how important it is for consumers to see their credit scores frequently, they will be printing your FICO score on each monthly statement that you receive at no cost to you. If you are aware of a late payment that month, if you pay off a loan, if you lower your debt-to-income ratio, or if you open a new account, you will be able to see how that action affects your score in real time.

In addition to providing cardholders with free FICO scores on their monthly statements, each statement will also include a FICO Score Meter. This meter is designed to help consumers assess their score so that they understand whether or not the score is strong. All of the credit scores that are provided to cardholders will be from the Transunion reporting agency.

Many companies in the financial services sector are eligible to partner with FICO to offer these free FICO scores to their clients, but Example Four is the only credit card company to partner with the program. In addition to giving cardholders access to their personal credit score and the Score Meter on a monthly basis, Example Four can help you help you manage your spending and financial activity with the Spend Analyzer. Make smart financial decisions, improve your credit, and never pay out of pocket to see your own credit score again with this free program that helps you really manage your financial life.