How Many Credit Cards Does Barclay US Offer in the United States

Barclay bank has issued a number of credit cards in the USA for several years. Barclay US offers a total of 15 credit cards. The following is a list of credit cards that Barclay bank offers.

1. Barclaycard Rewards
Barclaycard Rewards allows you to earn 2 points when you spend money on gas, utility bill and grocery at all stores and 1 point on other purchases.

2. Barclay Barnes & Noble MasterCard
Barclay Barnes & Noble MasterCard rewards customers with 5% cash back for Barnes and Nobles purchases. You earn 2 points at selected restaurants and 1 point on everything else.

3. Carnival World MasterCard
Carnival World MasterCard allows you to earn 2 funpoints at Carnival Cruise Lines and 1 points on everything else. You earn 10,000 bonus funpoints which can be exchanged with a $100 voucher.

4. Choice Privileges Visa Signature Card
Choice Privileges Visa Signature Card allows you to earn 2 points on daily expenses and 5 points when you purchase Choice Hotel gift card and Choice Privilege points.

5. Diamond Resorts International Credit Card

Diamond Resorts International credit card features a 6 months interest free period. You earn 2x diamond plus points for any purchases at Diamond Resort and 1x point when you shop elsewhere.

6. Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard

Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard features a 35,000 bonus points sign up bonus for a minimum spending level of $1000. You earn 2x miles with Hawaiian airlines and 1x miles on any other purchases.

7. Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card

Holland America Line Rewards Visa card rewards you with 2x points for every single dollar spent with Holland America and 1 points for purchase on elsewhere. The first purchase qualifies you to earn 5,000 points which is worth $50 credit

8. Jet Blue Card.

Jet Blue Card features a 5,000 bonus point rewards for the first $1000 you spend within 90 days. You earn 3x points on Jet Blue purchases and 2x points at restaurant and grocery shopping.

9. LL Bean Credit Card

LL bean allows you to earn 3% on purchases at LL Bean and 1% on other purchases. Points earned on LL Bean are redeemable with $10 coupons.

10. NFL Extra Points
NFL Extra Points allows you to earn 2x points on NFL purchases and you get to enjoy 20% discount on every $100 you spend.

11. Priceline Rewards Visa card

Priceline Rewards Visa card allows you to earn 5 points at Priceline online store and 1 point on elsewhere. You get to earn 5000 bonus points which can be exchanged with $50 statement credit after the first purchase.

12. Princess Cruises Rewards
Princess Cruises Rewards card allows you to earn 2x points on Princess purchases and 1x points on other purchases. You are rewarded with 5,000 points on the first purchases.

13. RCI Elite Rewards MasterCard
RCI Elite Rewards MasterCard offers 2x rewards points on purchases with RCI and 1x rewards points on other purchases.

14. Upromise World MasterCard
Upromise World MasterCard offers 5% cash back on shopping, travel and restaurant categories and 2% cash back on other categories.

15. Wyndham Rewards Visa Card
Wyndham Rewards Visa card offers 3 rewards points at selected hotels and 2 points on purchases elsewhere. You get 15000 bonus points which is equivalent to 1 free night for the first purchase.

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