Sign Up Bonus Offers Remain Strong For Shoppers In 2016

American Express is offering a new special intro offer, on the American Express Green Charge Card. This offer is pretty amazing as far as intro offers go, not because the points offered are the greatest, but because of how little you have to spend within 90 days in order to qualify. You only have to spend $1000 within 90 days in order to get the full 25,000 points. These points can be used at over 500 brands, everything from travel, merchandise to entertainment venues. That alone is reason to apply for this card, if you are a sign up bonus hunter. With most sign up bonuses, you need to purchase $3000 or more with in 3 months to qualify for the sign up bonus, yet this one only requires $1000, which is almost unheard of as far as rewards offer go. While this is not the best offer American Express has, the low cash out threshold this offer entails makes it worth pursuing if you hunt down sign up rewards offers like I do.

This card has some decent rewards to it, not as much as the Citi Double Cash Card. However, but where it lacks in rewards overall, it makes up for via perks. With this card you receive 2x the points on each dollar of eligible purchases made with you travel and book using a Membership Rewards program American Express card. For all other purchases you earn 1x the points per dollar spent. There is a $95 annual fee, but this annual fee is waived for the first year, so you can always nab this credit card offer, then close the account down in 12 months, and kiss that annual fee good bye.

This is not the best card by far that Amex offers. You can however collect the bonus points, plus the points you earn collecting that bonus, then shut the card down after you collect 26K membership rewards points and call it a job well done. You can even transfer these points to several leading frequent traveler programs.

I should point out for those of you not familiar overly much with American Express, that this is a charge card. Charge cards require you to pay the balance in full each and every month. You do not pay interest, but you do pay for a transaction fee, which is 2.7% of each transaction after conversion to US dollars. Amex may at its discretion allow you to opt into its Pay Over Time feature, which will allow you to fund some purchases over time, and these purchases will accrue interest charges if you opt into the pay over time feature.

While this card is not by far the best rewards program on the market, it does offer some pretty sweet perks. One of which is the baggage insurance plan, which will insure your baggage when you travel, covering you if your baggage becomes damaged, lost or stolen. They also offer car rental insurance loss and damage insurance, for rental cars. They also offer a global assist hot line, to help you through any emergency, such as when traveling overseas if your passport becomes lost or you need to find an English speaking doctor as soon as possible. You also get free roadside assistance hot line, which can dispatch a tow truck or lock smith to you, which can come in handy when you are in an unfamiliar area and run into auto difficulties. And of course you qualify for extended warranties, return protection, purchase protection, as well as dispute resolution. While this Amex card ranks at the near bottom of their portfolio of charge cards, it could make an excellent introduction to the Amex family of charge cards. If you do well with this card, Amex will send you targeted offers for better Amex cards or simply upgrade you 12 to 18 months down the line, once you have a proven track record with Amex. Amex stands out from most credit cards and charge cards in how they treat their customers, for example even customers who ended up in collections due to their accounts going past due are still treated like valued customers and not debtors.