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The guide to finding the best student credit cards was written by Steven Moore, who has been covering consumer finance and the credit card markets since 2006. You can learn more and connect at his Google+ page

top students cards of 2016

Top Student Cards Rankings – July 2017

1. Capital One Journey – 1% Cash Back on all purchases, on time pay incentives.
2. Discover it Chrome – 1% Cash Back, 3.0 GPA bonus opportunity
3. Citi Thank You Preferred for College Students – 1 point on all purchases, extra for dining and entertainment
4. First National Bank – Secured credit card, great for building credit histories.

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Follow these tips to help find the best card offers in 2017 for your personal goals and college spending needs
Being the best student you can be takes a lot of good old-fashioned hard work. Why not make sure the credit card you use this year works just as hard as you do, rather than settling for the usual plastic that does not perform up to your standards?

Proving Grounds

College means academic achievement, along with being able to navigate your own finances and personal needs. Usually, this happens without the daily intervention of parents. However, they can help you considerably by sitting down with you and guiding you to the most suitable credit card arrangement before you head off to school. They may be willing to co-sign or provide a deposit that will secure a card with reasonable spending limits. Either way, your best option is to consult with them if possible. Take it upon yourself to investigate what’s out there and how it will suit your lifestyle in college. Your most difficult challenge will probably be to prove to a lender that you’re smarter than your years or your personal financial experience may suggest.

Start Small

If your credit slate is clean, do whatever it takes to build positive attributes. Charge only what you have to, and pay it on or before the due date. Keep up the disciplined routine for well into 2017. Once you’ve established yourself with a predictable pattern of financial responsibility, you may be given an extension on your limit or other doors may be open. Take each step forward with calculated caution, making sure you can handle whatever you get into and that all terms and conditions are perfectly clear to you. Be old-fashioned about it and keep a balanced budget ledger in a notebook. Logging your transaction will help train you to keep track and to keep up.

Branching Out and Building Credit

For young people with a good credit profile, the sky is the limit. This position can lead to many temptations, however, most of which will put you in hot water faster than you might think. Examine offers carefully, looking for lengthy zero percent introductory rates, low or no annual fees and appealing perks on purchases. If traveling is in your future, there’s a card for that! Let 2016 be the year you put yourself in the position to have more choices in life, because hard work and smart thinking led you there. Avoid jumping in with both feet, only to find yourself in over your financial head though. To keep the ball rolling in a positive direction as you progress through college, you need to keep a tight reign on finances.

Responsible Money Management

Too many students finish their collegiate careers with a diploma accompanied by debt. Make it your goal to avoid this potential credit catastrophe by managing your finances appropriately. This is more easily accomplished if you can anticipate spending and remain within those limits. Find a card that simplifies life, while accommodating it fully.

Put your student card to work for you in 2017. After all, it’s your money. Don’t settle for pretty looking plastic that simply doesn’t perform – set the standard higher and achieve greater financial rewards for it.

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