What Credit Card Had the Most New Sign Up Applications So Far In 2017

Discover it is the most popular credit card with the highest number of sign ups in 2017. Discover it card features the cashback match program where the cash back that you earn will be matched at the end of the year. The card offers
a standard 1% cash back on non bonus categories. When customer used the card to shop in the bonus categories, they will be rewarded with 5% cash back. The 5% cash back applies to the first $1,500 expenses every quarter. If you spend up to the maximum limit to take advantage of the 5% rotating category, you will be able to save $75 each quarter.

The bonus categories will change every quarter. Some of the bonus categories include dining, wholesale clubs, gas, and shopping at Amazon online store. When you have accumulated enough cash back, you can instantly use it. There is no minimum requirement for the redemption of the accumulated cash back.
Discover it features a 14 months zero percent intro period for both purchases and balance transfers. This means that you can use Discover it to fund a large purchase without having to pay interest if you are confident that you can pay back within a period of 14 months. The card has a variable APR interest rate that ranges from 11.74%-23.74% that is followed after the 14 months zero percent intro period.

Cardholders have access to the Discover Deals program which allows them to earn a cash back of at least 5% – 20%. The Discover Deals program features online stores such as Best Buy. The best time to take advantage of the Discover Deals program is during holiday season when many stores are offering promotion deals.

Discover it card offers a lot of security features. One of the security feature of the card is that you can freeze the account whenever you suspect that someone is trying to perform fraud charges on your card. You just need to select the off switch and the card can no longer be used for making any transaction.

Discover it cardholders are covered with $0 fraud liability. The zero dollar fraud liability means that you will not be responsible for any fraud charges on the card. In addition, you can get a replacement card by overnight shipping to your address after reporting a lost card. Discover it card does not charge fees like late payment, penalty APR, overlimit and foreign transaction fees.

Customers can check their FICO score at anytime by logging into their accounts. You can have grace period of up to the midnight of the deadline to pay your credit card bill. Discover it card is accepted by most of the merchants that have credit card processors in the USA.