What is the Best Credit Card to Use in China

The best credit card that you can use while traveling in China is Discover credit card.
This is because the Chinese government is involved with an agreement with Discover credit card company. Discover cards is accepted at any shop all over China that accept credit and debt cards. You can withdraw cash advance with your Discover card at any UnionPay ATM in China. The card is very convenient for people that travel by train or bus because you can reload your subway or bus passes with it. Discover credit cards do not have foreign transaction fee when you shop at China during your holiday.


Many merchants that accept credit/debit cards in China have never heard about the Discover brand. The Discover credit card does not show the Union Pay logo which most Chinese merchants are familiar with It can be hard to convince the merchant to allow you to swipe the credit card. If you face this problem, you can downlod the Chinese English instruction card and show it to the merchant when you are trying to use your Discover card. The instruction card is a small card that you can fit into your wallet. Discover cards can be used in mainland China but it may not be as widely accepted in Hong Kong.

Besides Discover cards, there are also other brands of cards like BankAmericard Travel Rewards card that can be accepted in China. Bank of Americard offers 1.5 points for each dollar that is charged onto your card balance and the points are redeemable of various types of travel purchases. Examples of other cards that are accepted at China include CapitalOne Venture Rewards, Chase Sapphire Preferred and Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Master Card. There is a small number of merchants in China that accept American Express and Diners Club.

If you want to use the ATM in China to withdraw cash advances, you should first look for the signs that list down the types of cards that are accepted. There may be expensive ATM fees and limitation on the number of withdrawals you can make depending on the type of credit card you use. You must keep in mind that the merchants will charge you a surplus fee when you pay with a credit card. You can ask the merchant about the surplus fee before paying with the credit card. The total that is charged onto your card will depend on the exchange rate of the RMB to US Dollars. Many merchants in the cities in China accept credit cards for payment of the merchandise but it is better that you prepare some cash. In case it doesn’t accept credit card, you can use cash to pay for your purchases.

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