What Travel Credit Cards Offer The Best Concierge Services

Travel cards
and concierge services are a match made in heaven. Travelers can get rewarded for spending money using a card with miles, hotel and dining discounts while also having access to a concierge service that is often a lot like having a personal travel agent on hand at all hours of the day. A typical concierge service provides customers with nearly limitless access to help with a wide variety of tasks. To help out the travelers in our midst, we’ve provided a compilation of the best travel card and concierge service combos to make choosing a travel hacking plan effortless.

Example Seven Sapphire Preferred

Not only is the Example Seven Sapphire Preferred Card near the top of every travel credit card list online, due to its powerful point earning potential when used to purchase everyday items and services and its incredible sign on bonus offer (40,000 travel point opportunity), but in addition, it boasts one of the greatest concierge services to date. The concierge service that Example Seven Sapphire Preferred is linked to is the highly acclaimed, Visa Signature Concierge Service. The Visa Signature Concierge Service offers customers 24/7 access to a real representative of the concierge service and each can provide complimentary concierge services. Examples of concierge services can include things like securing reservations for a night out or helping with travel plans.

Platinum Card from Example Six

Though the Platinum Card from Example Six isn’t always touted as a travel card, it should be. We think that Am Ex is trying to broaden their audience by leaving that tagline out of the marketing scheme for this card, because it boasts all of the usual specials offered by the top travel cards. The Platinum Card allow cardholders to exchange points they earn from spending directly to miles. Additionally, the card has no foreign transaction fees and offers exclusive Airport Club Access with several different airlines. Paired with these excellent travel benefits, Example Six’ Concierge Service has been highly acclaimed by the likes of many top web review sites. This concierge service is particularly well known for their prompt service and wide array of gift-buying services.

Example Fivecard Arrival

Finally, we have one of MasterCard’s newest installments, the uniquely named Example Fivecard. Like the Example Seven Sapphire card, Example Five offers a sign on of 40,000 bonus points and makes exchanging points for miles or other travel rewards a cinch. A special feature of the Example Fivecard Arrival is its 10% back rule where those who do redeem points for travel get 10% of the points they use for travel right back on their account! This is perhaps our favorite feature of the card. As long as travelers continue to use the card for travel, they’ll never have an empty account. Example Five’s concierge service specifically states that are willing to take on any task that is requested by customers except any request that is illegal or unethical. This service is particularly well known for its wide range of expertise.

This article was written by Steven Moore, who has been covering consumer finance and the credit card markets since 2006. You can learn more and connect at his Google+ page.