Which Credit Card Company Offers More Airline Card Options Chase or Citigroup

Are you a travel junkie? Do you want to find the best travel card that will earn you maximum rewards for using it? Chase and Citigroup are some of the best travels cards that are in the market right now. Here is a comparison of the 2 cards to help you decide which card is the best option for you.

Airline Credit Cards


Both cards offer the same sign up bonus.
Both Citi and Chase offer their clients a 50, 000 point sign up bonus, after their clients meet the minimum requirements. Both cards charge a $ 95 annual fee, which is waived during the first year. Both cards do not have a foreign transaction fee, this makes it quite ideal to use any of the cards when you are outside the country. In addition, both cards let you redeem your points towards travel at the same rate or transfer your points to hotels or airlines. You can also redeem your points for gifts, merchandise and cash back.

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The main difference between the 2 cards is that Chase is a rewards card and Citi is an airline credit card. When it comes to the bonuses earned, you earn 2 points on travel and restaurants when using Chase and 1 Thank You point for every $ 1 you spend on purchases. On the other hand, when you are using Citi, you earn 3 points on travel and gas and 2 points on restaurants and entertainment. You earn 1 Thank You point for every $ 1 spent on purchases. In this aspect, the Citi card is a better option since you will earn more points in the travel category.

You can transfer your Chase points to the following hotels and airlines

• British Airways Singapore Airlines
• United Airlines Virgin Atlantic
• South West
• Korean Air


• Hyatt
• Ritz-Carlton
• Mariott

You can transfer your Citi points to the following hotels and airlines

• Hilton hotels

• Asia Miles
• Flying Blue
• Qantas
• Thai Airways
• Singapore Airlines
• Qatar Airways
• Virgin Atlantic
• EVA Air
• Garuda Indonesia
• Etihad
• Virgin America
• Malaysia Airlines

Chase is the better option in this case since it gives you more flexibility in terms of domestic and international airlines to choose from. In addition, most of the partner airlines that fall under Citi are not US based. You also get more hotel options with Chase than with Citi, which only provides its customers with the option of choosing Hilton Hotels.


The Chase Credit Card comes out as the most superior option based on the points discussed above. However, that does not mean that the Citi Card is not a good travel card. Both Citi Thank You Premier and Chase Sapphire Preferred cards are good options for individuals who travel a lot. The card you choose will ultimately depend on your travel habits and how you want to use the reward points that you have accumulated. Since the cards are issued by 2 different banks, there is no reason why you cannot apply for both cards.

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